Ridiculously buzzed

In its original Parisian incarnation; 'bistro' is a small restaurant offering simple meals in a modest setting. 

True to this definition, our menu consists of meals that are simple, wholesome and fresh;
made-from-scratch every day.

Opened in December 2009, in an abandoned Union 76 station, which sat empty for more than forty of its 50+ years, in an adorable neighborhood full of character and dreams;
we are buzzberry ‘n bistro. 

This warm neighborhood embraced the idea of our local hangout – serving up home-cooking,  blue-ribbon winning baked goods, small-batch, locally roasted coffee, espresso & tea, 100% natural smoothies, and simple adult beverages if the mood strikes.

Everyday is special - a different dinner is served at 5 pm.  Blue-ribbon winning muffins, cinnamon rolls, pretzel buns, cookies and more are made from scratch every morning.  And  breakfast is served 24 hours a day.  Our sandwiches, both cold and panini grilled, are made with nitrate-free meats and cheeses hand sliced in our kitchen.  Appetizers, homemade soups, chili, salads along with homemade salsa and barbecue sauce make daily grand appearances. 

Sunday’s are extra special.  Our omelet chef custom designs your omelet and serves it up with a side of cheesy potatoes.

‘Sunday-only’ award-winning brunch pairs well with an adult beverage such as a hand-crafted bloody mary, bottomless mimosa or homemade kaluha & coffee. 

Simple spirits, beer and wine are typically served in the Parisian version; our story is similar - with a few added twists.  

Our patio invites; ‘buzzthru®’ enables; open 24 hours boggles the mind. Enjoy




Small-batch, locally roasted coffee & espresso.  100% all natural smoothies.  Award-winning baked goods - from biscuits and pretzel rolls to muffins, cookies & cinnamon rolls.  Even our almond milk and granola are made here by expert craftsmen. 

Open 24 Hours



Breakfast satisfies anytime.  Sandwiches - both cold and panini style - work well too.  Open 24 hours a day; you will always find what you need, and probably a little more. 

Dinner’s served at 5 pm every night.  Don’t be late. 

Beef Dinner



Made from scratch & home-cooked.  Keeping it real.   Recipes inspired by our mom’s and grandma’s…our food is ‘almost’ as good.  Enjoy wholesome goodness again.


A Few of Our Favorites

  • SLOW-ROASTED BRISKET / Wednesday's Dinner Special
    oven-roasted, hand-trimmed brisket / mashed potatoes / gravy / honey buttered carrots
    regular / panini grilled / smothered (homemade sausage gravy)

    scrambled eggs / flour tortilla / cheddar cheese / bacon, ham, sausage, chorizo or veggies / homemade salsa

    hand-sliced turkey breast / croissant / cranberry sauce / lettuce / tomato / mayo / homemade cookie
    sourdough / american cheese / avocado / tomato / cream cheese / homemade red pepper aioli
  • CHICKEN POT PIE / Monday's Dinner Special
    creamy loaded chicken pot pie / homemade biscuit crust / side salad / choice of dressing

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