About Buzzberry

We are a women-owned business.

Our founders are highly motivated, visionary and performance driven executives who bring more than 60 years strategic, accomplished business growth contributions from both the private and public sectors.

Their vast catalytic, career-rich successes are defined by measurable performance benchmarks:

  • Explosive profit & revenue growth
  • Innovative global market strategies
  • Visionary trend analysis & plan execution
  • Unparalleled business expansion
  • Pioneering operational leadership

In addition, our executive leaders are accomplished, results-driven global marketing strategists in both B2B & B2C markets. 

They have been nationally recognized for driving increased market share, brand recognition and accelerated revenue improvements through marketing initiatives including highly-acclaimed brand management in both domestic and international markets.


  • Pioneering sales growth
  • Innovative funding initiatives
  • Public and investor relationship management
  • Strategic & tactical planning
  • Market research; competitive & trend analysis
  • Franchising development
  • Facilities management (construction CofO)

We look forward to further development opportunities. Contact us if you would like to begin a conversation.

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